The Best Way To Speed Up Tomato Plant Growth.

One of the most commonly used fruit in the kitchen is a tomato. While some of us buy it from our food stores some like to grow their own tomatoes at a home garden. To achieve the best results in tomato farming, the farmer must understand the basics of tomato farming. To speed up the growth rate of the plant, one must do the following.

1. Ensure the plant receives abundant if possible direct sunlight

In biology class, we learnt that plants manufacture their own food through a process called photosynthesis. For photosynthesis to happen, plants need sunlight. The more the sunlight a plant is exposed to, the better for the crop. Tomatoes need around 7 hours of sunlight per day. This explains why the plant does well in hot places.

2. Apply sufficient compost manure

For health purposes, it is important to use lots of organic manure as opposed to inorganic fertilizer. Apply the manure before planting the seedlings so that they will find ready nutrients when they are planted.

3. Do the transplantation in the evening

Tomatoes are mostly transplanted from the seedbed to the main farm. This should be done in afternoon so that the cooling in the evening can help them recover soon. If transplanting is done in the morning, the survival rate will be low due to high temperatures during the day.

4. Water the plants sufficiently

In case of irrigation tomatoes should be watered deeply once a week. Note that excessive watering may slow down their growth rate. It is advisable to water them in the evenings.

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