Can you Use Artificial Grass as a Driveway?

When it comes to ground maintenance and landscaping, there are millions of ideas that you may want to implement, borrowed from various quarters. One of the landscaping ideas that are quite common is the use of artificial grass to authenticate the lawn, the driveway or even the backyard. The question that arises is how ideal it is to use artificial grass as a driveway in business park landscape.

If you have a paved parking area, expert advisors say that it is better to leave it that way as it is a better landscape layout for the purpose of parking. Artificial grass comes with additional work; unwanted weeds that have to be dealt with.

In business park landscape, the use of artificial grass may require frequent replacement of the grass. This is because of the high rate of wearing off of the grass caused by the weight of the vehicles. The frequent back and forth friction of the rubber tyres may also cause the grass to lose its alignment and beauty.

What you might want to consider as a landscaping idea to add some green to the parking area is to use some large pots or planters along the parking area to plant some good looking flowers. This would serve to remove the monotony of pavements and turf blocks.

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